Top Reads of 2014


Here are our favorite reads of the 2014

1. The Sheltering Sky– Paul Bowles

2. Stained Glass – William F. Buckley

3. Essays:1952 – 1992 – Gore Vidal

4. Short Breaks in Mordor – Peter Hitchens

5. Burmese Days – George Orwell

6. Why I Buy – Rami Gabriel

7. Overdrive – William F. Buckley

8. 1919 – John Dos Passos

9. Quiet Days in Clichy – Henry Miller

10. The Moviegoer – Walker Percy

(Reviews to come for the all except ‘Overdrive’ and Vidal’s essays)


2 thoughts on “Top Reads of 2014

  1. I really like that your “top books” list is not like the big publications’ lists: it is a real list with real books that you have thoughtfully put together and which are tried and tested classics… all of which I basically now want to put on my to-read list.

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